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about therapy

at psychfirst we appreciate that taking the first step to see a therapist for your psychological health is daunting. it's nerve wrecking and not knowing what to expect is a normal part of the journey. to make things easier, we've provided some information below which may be useful to your journey.

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At psychfirst, Naz is our eyes and ears. She is the head of client support and service and helps with all things related to bookings, fees, referrals and much more. She manages our calendars and is a mover and shaker. She is young mum of 5 beautiful children and works from home. You can reach her via for any enquiries or for any answers to questions you may have.



At psychfirst, we accept privately funded clients, ancillary health funds and medicare. Whilst sessions are not bulk billed, they do attract a rebate depending on your level of private health fund cover, and whether you have met your medicare threshold or not. Our services attract are rebate only when a valid referral is presented. If you're not sure whether your referral qualifies, feel free to give us a call and we can confirm for you.

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types of therapy

Noosha operates via a few modalities. She has a specific interest in Schema Therapy, EMDR and psychodynamic psychotherapy. These are some pretty jargonish words for those who aren't privvy to psychological terms so we think it's important to know that she basically likes good old talk therapy. She isn't big on labels and employs a humanistic approach. She works with complex trauma, anxiety, depression, stress & burnout, well-being & self-care, relationship difficulties, inter and intrapersonal communication and anger management. What she doesn't work with is any insurance likes CTP, Personal Injury or Worker's Compensation.

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Noosha offers a diverse range of services such as:

  • Individual therapy

  • Couples therapy

  • Consultation for organisations

  • Workshops

  • Presentations

  • Media such as radio, article contribution and podcasts

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